Aisha Saraf Kothari~ Ceo Aispi, Curator for European Fashion!


Aispi is a curator for affordable European fashion that discovers talent across Europe, and brings exposure to upcoming brands. The brands and boutiques at Aispi are fashion forward and unique!

Hey Aisha,Briefly tell us about yourself and your journey from childhood until now?

I am born and raised in New Delhi, where I studied at Modern Barakhamba Road. From childhood I have always been into the creative industry – dance and theater specifically. Post school, I studied management and finance at The Wharton School and continued onto becoming an M&A consultant at EY New York. In 2014 I got married and moved to Belgium. Thereafter, I interned with venture capitals and eventually joined EY in 2015 to start their Commercial advisory practice in Belgium and Netherlands. Even after having worked in corporate for over 6 years, my heart was still stuck in the creative sector. I saw myself spending an enormous amount of time designing my own clothes, searching for fashion inspiration and wanting to be more involved in this industry.
Therefore in 2017, I decided to take the plunge and start AISPI (i-spy) to make an impact in this field. AISPI is an initiative that gives emerging talent the recognition they deserve and consumers the unique outlets to express their personality.

Introduce us your brand,Why did you choose AISPI as a name for your brand?

“Every time I visit a new city, I want to walk away with a piece of its heart – not a souvenir but a statement.
Every time I enter a room, I want heads to turn as people ask me – where is that dress from? Because it is so unique and so me”
AISPI (i-spy), is a discovery platform that helps you express yourself, your personality and experiences through fashion. We unearth all the hidden gems of the European fashion world and present them to you in an organized, easy to use platform.
The name AISPI is derived from the word ESPY, which means to discover. Additionally, given that my name is Aisha, I wanted to give it a fun twist and call it “Ai”-”spi”.

Give a brief of AISPI’s services and product range! What is the criteria of choosing the boutiques and designers?

At AISPI you can find a plethora of curated and validated boutique shops and emerging designers. We take recommendations from the best influencers, stylists and pioneers of the fashion world. We then unearth the story behind these boutiques, understand their price points, quality of product and create a validated selection to present to you.
Therefore you can find the following types of boutiques and designers at AISPI
– Validated by the fashion pioneers
– Value for money, the price ranges between €50 to €500, and you pay for what you
get – brand or material or design
– Fashion forward and statement pieces
– Niche and local brands
Through AISPI you can
– Find shops near you on the go
– Filter by preference of price, items sold, city
– Add to your favourites and create your own list
– Request for personalized lists for new travel destinations
– Get inspired by new designer collaborations and fashion events
– And much more!

What is the most unique element in your work / product?

The unique element about what we do here is recognizing hidden gems of fashion through a carefully curated funnel. Second, we also present them to you in a very easy to use and intuitive platform so you have the information when you need it.

What drives you to attain such precision in your field?

The answer to this is simple – the sheer ability to have a positive impact on the lives of others drives me to work harder and better each day. Being able to give consumers something different yet value for money, being able to give exposure to hard working and talented designers and boutiques and creating a space that is truly personal and unique.

Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration are my parents and my inlaws. At the age of 50, all 4 of them have restarted their lives in very drastic manners and with such enthusiasm, positivity and vigour that it really makes me believe anything is possible as long as you have the drive and conviction.

Give us your favourite quote, why does it thrills you?

The quote that really resonates with me is ‘There is no excuse for excuses’
Why I love this is because it really reminds you that life deals you with a pack of cards, but what game you play is your choice. Similarly, if you want something, or dont want something, be upfront about it and work towards it or drop it and move on- blaming things on circumstances or other people is not going to get you anywhere.

Share your biggest achievement till now?

What we have managed to achieve with AISPI in less than 10 months is definitely my biggest achievement. We have 130 shops and designers on board with 12 cities. We have worked with 25 creatives and are a team of 4 people. Most importantly has been the impact that we have been able to have in the lives of emerging talent globally!

Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next 5 years?

As a brand, we see ourselves as the go to place for emerging talent and unique finds. A place where people don’t have to think twice before buying something as the value for money is justified. We hope to cover more ground, and have a large fashion sourced platform that consists of bloggers, stylists, videographers, designers, shops and much more.
Additionally, India is home for me, and in 5 years, I definitely see taking AISPI – a collection of European designers and creating amazing collaborations for the Indian market which is simply waiting for this revolution.

Which is one super power you would like to have and why?

I would love the super power of teleportation. This way I can travel and explore the world super easily – something I yearn for! Not to add, the productive days we would have without any traffic!

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A11. Aisha Saraf kothari
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