Preety Tyagi – Ambassador Magicka Medical & Health Summit 

We are excited to announce Preety Tyagi as our Health & Wellness Ambassador!

Preety Tyagi, Lead Health Coach and Founder of My22BMI, is a student of IIN, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York. She is very passionate about health issues and wants to change people’s perspective towards the word, Disease. She wants to impact as many people in a positive and healthy way as possible. Being educated in Commerce and after attaining a degree in MBA in marketing, what drove her towards the health and nutrition education was that she wanted to learn more and more about nutrition and how it impacts our health. After finding solutions and healing of her health issues and after solving her family’s health issues just through proper diets and healthy nutrition, she started health coaching as a career and has been able to help many people in in different countries, through health coaching now. Also, being a digitally operated company, geographical barriers don’t matter.
About My22BMI

My22BMI is a digital healthcare startup addressing the problem of managing lifestyle diseases through diet counselling & coaching, empowering lives to eat healthy and smartly. The unique My22BMI is working with a number of corporates on customised coaching and health offerings by providing a complete wellness solution.


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