The Lady of Good Hope ~ Priya Kaul, The Hope Creator!

Hello Priya, Tell us about yourself and how you were drawn towards your profession? 

After completing my studies, I did a variety of jobs — worked as a physical fitness trainer, a beauty counsellor, a voice and an accent trainer at a number of places like VLCC, Convergys, AOL, Omega and Wipro. I was happily going with the flow of life when life gave me a big jolt — my dad expired. Dad’s death changed the course of my life. It also made me question the frailty of life, and also life after life, the soul that passes on to higher realms! I know most people will find it hard to believe but I saw his soul sitting beside his body, totally amazed and shocked at what had happened. Dad was completely healthy but had a sudden heart attack in office from where he was taken to the hospital. Then began the job of taking care of my mother and younger siblings. While she could soothe her brother and sisters, tackling her mother was the most difficult thing as she just couldn’t come to terms with dad’s death. My mother would often tell me to find out ways of connecting with my father’s soul. This put me on spiritual path. And I began learning various modalities beginning with past life regression.

How are you different from other healers?

 I never consider people coming to me as my clients. My only aim is to fill them up with loads of positive energy so that they succeed forever in life and stay happy and healthy. 

Where are you based and where can one find your products & services? 

I am based out of Ghaziabad and people can touch base with me on my FB page.

Let us know about the person who inspires you the most! 

I look up to many people and I have learnt many things from many masters, but it is people who inspire me. It is my heart’s desire that one member of each family turns into a healer. And it is this desire of mine that inspires me, rather than any person.

What is your USP? 

I have an attitude towards learning, gaining knowledge. And knowledge empowers.

What are your hobbies, interests and hidden talents? 

  My hobbies are singing dancing playing music learning new things and reading inspiring books ….. 

Tell us about your entire range of products or services along with your picture & 5-6 products pictures! 

Depending upon the requirement of my client, I use Angel Therapy, Merlin Trinity Healing System, Numerology, Crystal Ball Gazing, Intuitive Reading, Space Cleansing, Aura Reading, Crystal Therapy, Runic Magic and Divination, Clairvoyance, Dream Interpretation, Spirit Releasement, Tarot Card Reading, Reiki Healing, NLP, and Magnified Healing.

Provide links to your social media handle, contact details & website if any!

Priya Kaul, The Hope Creator!

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