Meghaa Goel ~ Founder ‘Divine Soulss’ journey towards success!


Megha, briefly  tell us about yourself and your journey from your childhood till now 

Atma Namaste

My journey to this Beautiful world seems to have started at the age of 5-6 years. I started having Goddess Durga in my dreams to guide me and predict for the upcoming incidents in and around my life.

My blissful spiritual journey started from Pranic healing. Then I started realizing the purpose of my life, which is serving and helping others with my teachings and learning’s.

I have learnt from the best trainers for my different degrees and certification. I am a certified Practitioner in Past Life Regression, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Tarotlogist, Mokshapata, Vastu Consultant, Pranic Healing, Spirit Mediumship, Automatic Writing, Homa Therapy, Angelic Healing

Now, I am spreading my techniques and learning by conducting various workshops and Online book study.

Doing social service “khushiyan” Under this social project I take up the task of distributing things for needy people. Also I am supporting Ngo’s, government schools and old age to help them with their requirements.

  Today I feel extremely Blessed to reach to the level of being a spiritual Life Coach healing and guiding people and thereby bringing peace and happiness into their lives. My Gratitude to All the Gurus who made my journey well accomplished.


We would like to know more about your brand, why did you choose this name for your brand?

“DIVINE SOULSS” focuses on being a soul, not the body, mind and emotions. When we think of ourselves as a soul we’re able to move forward in our lives effortlessly.


Give a brief of all your services!

I am a certified Practitioner, these are the list of services:-

1. Past Life Regression- Fear, Phobia, Depression, Addiction, Confidence, Stress, Anxiety                                  

2.Vedic Astrology Reading

3.Numerology Reading

4.Tarot reading

5. Mokshapata

6. Vastu Consultant

7. Pranic Healing

8. Spirit Mediumship

9. Automatic Writing

10. Homa Therapy

11. Angelic Healing

12.Realationship Counseling

I also make and provide healing candles, soaps- salts & scrub, Talismans, charms and yantras.


What is your Usp?

I use a blend of healing frequencies, channeling, magical herbs, spells, chants and various forms of miracle healing to make and design exclusive rituals according to my client’s need.


What drives you to attain such precision in your field?

My strongest desire is to bring Happiness in each and every person’s life. This desire motivates me to work hard and be consistent in whatever I do.


Who is your inspiration and why?

My husband’s own sister- Neeru Gupta, She is the one who took me to Master Chao kok Sui ‘s Pranic healing centre where I realized the true calling of my life to follow the path of spirituality.


Give us your favorite quote, why does it thrill you?

” You are the Boss of your Mind, your Mind is not your Boss”

This quote always thrills me because I feel if one can master his/ her own mind then one can solve all problems in his/ her life.


Share your biggest achievement till now?

1. Being a certified Life time member as a practitioner of Hypnotherapist by California Hypnosis Institution, Gurgaon (CHI) in the year 2018.

 2. Being a certified practitioner of Hypnotherapist by The International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) in the year 2019.

 3.Awarded by Magicka the Golden Book of Healers in 2019 as one of the best life coach and healer.


Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next five (5) years?

I see myself achieving more in this field of spirituality all over the world by spreading more awareness and positivity about these alternative therapies, through seminars, talk shows, live sessions and various other methods.

Which is one superpower that you would love to have and why?

Astral Travel is the one super power I wish to have so that whenever someone is suffering and needs me. I wish to reach to the person at the blink of an eye.

Where can one reach out to you? Please provide your contact details.

One can reach out to me by:

Call me / Whatsapp +91 9821485385


Instagram- DivineSoulss


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