Neelam Parwani ~ Founder Nature’s Grace!


Briefly tell us about yourself and your journey from childhood till now?

 Hi , I am Neelam Parwani , I am a Reiki Grandmaster , Advance Su-Jok (Advance Acupressure) therapist , Naturopath and Positivity coach . I am born and bought up in Jaipur –the Pink City of India. I did my schooling from Brightlands School Jaipur and then college from IHM –Mumbai and MBA in Marketing. I come from a Business family and was lucky to have parents who allowed me to explore my world and take up a professional course to purse my dreams. I am a Biker and enjoy riding bikes from school days and still do road trips on different bikes, my last one was Ninja1000cc . I love dogs and do healings for animals .

I am practicing Alternate healing form last 4 years. I have done my Reiki Grandmaster course from Jaipur, Su-Jok advance course from Jodhpur University, and 3 year course in Naturopathy and Yoga from Gandhi Institute of Naturopathy – New Delhi. I had 12 years of experience in Hospitality, BPO and Education industry before moving to Alternate Healing and have worked in India and abroad.


Introduce your Brand. Why did you choose this name for your Brand?

 We have three Holistic healing centers by the name “Nature’s Grace”.In Gurgaon we are operating from last 3 yrs.We have 2 more centers in Bangalore and Ghaziabad.

I choose this name as I believe Health and Happiness is what nature provides us and it is due to the grace of Universe and Natural things that we can create positivity all around us. So to show my gratitude to Universe and Nature I chose the name “ Nature’s Grace”.


Give a brief of your services / product range.

 We do treatments of all acute and chronic disease on Mental, Emotional and Physical level thru Reiki, Acupressure and Naturopathy. We also do certified courses in Reiki and Su-Jok. We do workshops and seminars on Positivity, Simple Health solutions, Wellness and Life Skills to create awareness about good health and positive approach in life.


What is the most unique element in your work product?

Our Positive approach to eliminate the issue from the root cause, makes us unique in treating all kinds of aliments and provide good Emotional and Physical health to our clients. We specialize in Kids Reiki Programs to make our youth more positive.


What drives you to attain such precision in your field?

100% Faith in Alternate healing and 100% results attained on personal level without any medicines and side effects drives us to practice these therapies professionally and makes us go that extra mile to attain precision and perfection in our field.


Who is your inspiration and why?

My child hood dream to become a doctor and provide good health to everyone inspired me to purse in the filed of alternate healing. Whenever I see my clients recovering completely with these therapies it inspires me to spread the awareness of Alternate Healing at a bigger level.


Give us your Favorite Quote and why it thrills you?

“Knowledge is never at Discount” – This quote thrills me to keep learning new things, today my knowledge of Food and Customer service from Hotel Management has added a lot of value as an Alternate Healer.

Share your biggest achievement till now?

 My interview on Reiki Healing was featured in Ayurved Sutra International Magazine on Alternate healing in 2018.

Where do you see yourself and your brand in next 5 years.

Ans. In the last 3 yrs we have opened 3 centers in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Ghaziabad. In the next 5 years we plan to have 10 centers across India. Our motto is to provide Simple Health Solutions without any medicines and side effects thru Alternate Healing.

Which is one Super Power you would like to have and why?

One super power I would like to have is the Power to remove the regret of the Past and Worry of the Future and teach everyone to Live in the Present Moment and enjoy the life to the fullest.  


Where can one Reach out to you? Please provide your contact details?

 You can reach us on :

+91 -9560424609 – Gurgaon            

+91-9953556222- Bangalore

+91-8826260296- Ghaziabad

 Msg us on-


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