Magicka Top Ten Healers of India Series ~ Featuring Priya Kaul!

Introduce your self and your journey as a healer in brief.


Priya Kaul is a Hope Creator.

 Her mission is to ensure that a healer is present in every family so that there is more practice of our ancient healing techniques. She wants people to understand and follow the spiritual path. She has been working towards creating awareness about holistic healing and therapies for a long time.

She believes that healing modalities have powers way beyond the allopathic treatments and should be the first resort for anyone.

She is an award-winning and certified Spiritual Healer and Coach. Her dream is to make people aware of their own powers and to make them strong enough to win over any challenge in life.


Where and did your healing spark begin?

 The unexpected death of her father in 2011 changed the course of her life. It made her question the frailty of life and of life after life, the soul that passes on to higher realms! Her mom couldn’t come to terms with her husband’s death. Priya started googling desperately to know about people who could connect with departed souls. She read about a retired Indian Army officer and a spiritual healer and she requested him for help.


What inspires and motivates you?

People around her motivate her for to work for people’s benefit. People who are benefitted by her work inspire her to do more and keep going.

Tell us about the healing modalities that you practice?

 Angel Connection/Angel healing




Tarot Reading




Dream Interpretation

Magnified healing



What did you overcome to be here now?

She overcame negativity around her and be where she is right now. It is important for a person to be an their happy place to be able to provide guidance to others


Which is the one superpower that you would love to have and why?

 She wants a special power of healing people just by Gazing into their eyes so that the eyes that are used for betterment of humanity. She really wishes that everyone should be healed by just a sight


What have you learned so far from your journey?

 She has learnt that life is beautiful and magical and once u understand the real self and the Fantastic powers given by our creator to us life become loving.

Which direction are you heading on your healing journey?

She wants to be a person who can help anyone in any situation …so she is in a continuous learning phase of life where everyday she is learning and growing like a tree so that one day she can give lots of fruits and shade to everyone.

How can people connect with you?

Email –

Phone – 9971372902

Facebook Page –

YouTube –

Twitter –


Map – Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, IndiaContact – 9971372902

Video – 

Business tagline –Healing with Priya Kaul

Location – India

Website –

Price Range – 500 to 2,00,000

Tags/keywords – #PriyaKaul #Healingwithpriyakaul #tarot #reiki #intuitivereading #angelconnection

Business Hours – Mon to Fri , 10 am to 6 pm

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