Magicka Top Ten Healers of India Series – Featuring Sunanda Jain!


Hello Sunanda, Introduce yourself and your journey as a healer in brief.

 I am professionally qualified lawyer having done my law from ILS law college pune I always had a logical bent of mind and while I was growing up I couldn’t explain how I could predict future or why I had visions as to what will happen, then I learnt tarot as a hobby and my journey as a healer started.


Where and did your healing spark begin?

I was doing tarot card reading as a hobby from 2003 and then I had a hit rough patch in life in 2014 that’s when I realized the world really need people who can empathize rather than sympathize and suddenly I was on this path of healing and my life changed overnight and the journey as healer embarked.


What inspires and motivates you?

 My mother is the one who inspires and motivates me she always tells me that give it your best shot. And now being into this profession for almost five years I feel inspired by the transformation or positive changes which have come in people’s life. this inspires me to never give up and keep trying till this world becomes a better place


Tellusabout the healing modalities that you practice?

 As a Healer I work with the following modalities -:

 Tarot Readings

Angel Healings & Therapy

Wiccan Spells

Vodun Spells


Moksha Patta



Crystal Ball Gazing

Healing Through Crystals

Chakra & Aura Healing


What did you overcome to be here now?

To embark on this journey I had to overcome personal issues in my life such as coming out of troubled relationship and losing my dad were few to name and but most challenging was how to explain the family as to why I wanted to give up a well settled career as a lawyer in high court for career in healing.


Which is the one superpower that you would love to have and why?

I wish I had the super power of healing touch as in where I could merely touch individuals and they could be disease free and healthy.


Whathaveyoulearnedsofar from your journey?

 Journey so far has taught me to be patient, and most importantly it taught me that my own problems were so small and that as humans we don’t realize what other people are going through is much more. It has made me compassionate towards people. And taught me to be grateful and give gratitude to god for always giving me enough.


Which direction are you heading on your healing journey?

 I firmly believe in that Life is a constant journey for learning and till the day you die you should keep learning. So I am heading on the direction in this healing journey where I want to learn more, acquire more knowledge share that knowledge , help more people transform their lives and have a healthy mind body & soul

How can people connect with you?

 People can connect with me -:

Offices – :

Gurgaon – Tarotchi Arts, 120 A, ILD TRADE CENTER, 1st floor, Sohna Road

Noida – Flat 1804 Tower 28 Paras Tierea, Sector 137

 Mobile/WhatsApp – +918130235203

Email –

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