Magicka Top Ten Healers of India Series – Featuring Tiesta Duggal

Hey Tiesta, Introduce yourself and your journey in brief

I’m Tiesta Duggal, a Life Coach, Body Psychotherapist and Heal Your Life Workshop Leader. I’ve always had the strongest inclination to work in this field, specially having dealt with Emotional health issues at a very young age despite having the best comforts in life and finding very less help available in our society I made it my motto to self heal and work towards creating awareness and spreading light in the life’s of more and more people! When you learn to love yourself and life you realise that life is so beautiful and if you can share your light with even a few people in this lifetime that’s one of the best things one can do!

So I started working in the corporate sector and worked in the field of education consulting as well as my family business but since my calling was so strong I finally found my calling and the path to follow and I am super grateful for the entire journey because your journey is what makes you who you are


Where and when did your healing spark begin?

Since my childhood, I’ve always been empathetic and found it very painful to see people in distraught so I was always looking for answers and understanding why certain things happen. A few years back when I met my Coach, got some of the answers and understood more about life I already knew that this is what I’ve always been looking for and I’ve found it!


Tell us about the healing modalities you practice:

 The modalities one learns as a Healer are like the tools In our tool kit and depending on the situation and what works best for every person you decide what needs to be used.

I practice a combination of all the modalities that I’ve learnt over the years which includes- Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Heal Your Life Philosophy by Louise Hay, Body Psychotherapy Energy Healing andAngel Therapy etc because every person today is carrying so much pain and baggage that it’s essential to deal with each person with utmost personalisation and care so it depends on whatever is required.


What did you overcome to be here now?

Every new level of your life demands a new you and the more you improve the more life improves.

When I started my healing process I was not in the highest life conditions and did not understand my own value, worth and had a lot of barriers to living life to the fullest including a lot of fears, insecurities relating to life but like they say everyday is a new journey and you have to face your fears, fight the inner battles of not feeling enough, deal with insecurities, get rid of judgements and separation so it does take a lot of working on your own self to be able to work with someone else.

Like they say “To shine your light, you have to glow first” so it’s imperative to keep overcoming all the barriers that stop you from being the best version of yourself everyday!


The one Super Power that you would love to have and why-


The one super power I would love to have is to be able to manifest things instantly and magically! Specially food! And lots of it!! Especially for the kids who cannot even get 2 proper meals a day because it pains my heart to see so many people around the world starving. As much as abundance is every persons right there are a lot of factors in life and situations where people do suffer and I understand it’s a part of ones journey etc but I feel food and water is something every person on the planet deserves so yes this is the one super power I would love to have!

What have you learnt from your journey so far?

What I have learnt from this journey is that Our life is like a school, we come here to learn, to love, to clear ourselves of the past baggage, to learn to transmute our darkness into light, to love, value and honour ourselves and others for their journey. What I have also learnt is that life is like a graph, it goes up and it will come down however as much as we enjoy the phase of being on the higher side, we fear, dread the part of the graph that goes down and in that fear stay stuck there and don’t allow ourselves to come back up.

One very important thing I’ve learnt is that we all deserve abundance, joy, happiness, peace, bliss and we all deserve to live the best life but because of our circumstances we get so caught up in the vicious cycle of pain and trauma. So to grow and come back up in life in life we have to unlearn so many lifetimes of conditioning, release all that no longer serves us, learn to love ourself and find ourselves back.

As complicated as it sounds it is the easiest and the best thing we can do for ourselves and the people around us. 

What direction are you headed on in your healing journey?

 So, i started with understanding the most basic concepts of life, health and healing and slowly with the help of various modalities made my understanding more deeper and thorough but I always have yearned for more knowledge, information and understanding.

So off lately I’ve been investing my time in doing advanced studies on understanding Healing from the Metaphysical and Quantum perspective and Make the process more and more holistic covering all aspects of healing involved so as to be able to help people deal with their issues from the most grass root level and I also believe in empowering them with various tools and techniques to self help themselves and keep their life balanced because each person has the capacity to heal you just need the right guidance and information and once you learn how to heal yourself, deal with the strides of life, the attitude of gratitude whatever may come your way you will always be equipped to handle it. 

How can people connect with you?

Through my Facebook and Instagram page: Navyam, The Mind And Soul Abode

Email Address-

Can also be Contacted on for urgent appointments only – 9953645689

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