Magicka Women is an association of 70000 plus women owned business organisations all across the globe with its epicenter in India. Established in 2011, Magicka Women’s emergence has played a catalyst for rise in women entrepreneurship reducing the gender gap that contributes towards global economy. The membership based association works on the principle of networking and business promotions. It aims at promoting entrepreneurship business growth, enabling women to achieve success. The bonding and the interaction between its members is the key feature of its success!
Magicka Women members represent the following sectors:

* Trade (National and International)

* Industry (Domestic and International)

* Professionals

* Trade and Industry Associations
Magicka Women offers support to women with:

* Business advice

* Business Structuring

* Grants and loans

* Legal Assistance

* Platform – Online & Offline

* Discounts & Deals

* Insurance

* Franchise opportunities

* Business Connect meets